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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the World War 1 alliances?

List of World War 1 Alliances. The Triple Entente. The Triple Entente alliance formed by France, the United Kingdom, and the Russian Empire was not itself an official alliance but rather a complex series of treaties and agreements that in effect formed a triple alliance.

What is example of alliances in WW1?

Alliance systems that were in place during World War I included the Triple Entente (Britain, Russia, France), the Triple Alliance (Italy, Germany, Austria-Hungary), the Russia-Serbia Treaty and the Britain-Japan Treaty. These alliances contributed to the enormous scale of WWI.

What does alliances mean in World War 1?

Allied powers, also called Allies , those countries allied in opposition to the Central Powers ( Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey) in World War I or to the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan) in World War II. This quiz gathers together questions from Britannica's quizzes about politics, law, and government.

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