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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to work at the Alliance?

The Alliance is a fun place to work; it is still finding its' grounding and focus, which creates opportunities and challenges. i have heard that some employees didn't receive enough direction. Was this review helpful? Opportunity to change our world for the better and learn about yourself.

What is Alliance Technology Group?

Large conglomerate enterprise with a worldwide focus for 135 years. Global experience in leading teams, advancing technology strategy, and roadmap for 1000+ workers and various multi-tiered organizations, affiliates and subsidiaries within Alliance structure. Was this review helpful? Basically these guys are scamming their new agents.

What is the Alliance of pastors?

The Alliance is a network of pastors and Christian leaders who have come together to advance and defend the cause of family, faith, and freedom throughout our state and engage our culture with biblical values. Was this review helpful? Enjoyed the people I worked with and loved the workplace.

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