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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pharmacy Quality Alliance?

About PQA: The Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) is a non-profit organization committed to optimizing health by advancing the quality of medication use. PQA, a recognized leader in quality measure development, is dedicated to improving the safe and appropriate use of medications,...

What is specialty RX?

A specialty pharmacy will stock many of the drugs that are not usually stocked in your community or retail pharmacy. Some medications are required by the FDA to be prescribed and dispensed only by certified doctors and pharmacists, and specialty pharmacies may provide these drugs, along with required education and monitoring.

What is prime specialty pharmacy?

Prime Specialty Pharmacy is both a medical and pharmacy provider for a wide variety of specialty medications, including Synagis and hemophilia (factor) medications. For the current list of managed specialty medications available through Prime Specialty Pharmacy, view the Specialty Pharmacy Program Drug List .

What is Alliance Pharmacy?

As a non-profit organization, The Alliance Pharmacy provides support and services to those with bleeding disorders and to those that serve the bleeding disorders community. Pharmacy. Our pharmacy can provide prescription medications, including factor products to 100% of the US population. TAP is a licensed pharmacy in all 50 states.

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