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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rating of AllianceRx Walgreens Prime?

Alliancerx Walgreens Prime is a pharmacy located in Beaverton, OR. Please contact Alliancerx Walgreens Prime for more information. The overall average patient rating of Alliancerx Walgreens Prime is Poor . Alliancerx Walgreens Prime has been rated by 3 patients.

Is AllianceRx a good pharmacy?

AllianceRX is the absolute WORST pharmacy for specialty medications. I wouldn't use them but my insurance company insists..... There is zero communication, unless you count a robocall that has no helpful information. My prescription that should of delivered Wednesday never arrived, I received a robocall stating that delivery was "delayed".

What is allalliancerx?

AllianceRX is who Walgreens has set up for their home pharmacy deliveries. I run out of my medication on May 9th. I finally check on May 10 as to where my prescription is and see that it won't be delivered until May 17th! Usually when a person is on a prescription, it's because they need it.

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