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Frequently Asked Questions

Is AllianceRx a good pharmacy?

AllianceRX is the absolute WORST pharmacy for specialty medications. I wouldn't use them but my insurance company insists..... There is zero communication, unless you count a robocall that has no helpful information. My prescription that should of delivered Wednesday never arrived, I received a robocall stating that delivery was "delayed".

How do I contact Alliance specialty RX?

Phone:+248 230 8044 Email:[email protected] Opening Hours Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm Sat: 10am - 2pm

What is AllianceRx Walgreens?

AllianceRX is who Walgreens has set up for their home pharmacy deliveries. I run out of my medication on May 9th. I finally check on May 10 as to where my prescription is and see that it won't be delivered until May 17th!

What does Alliance Pharmacy do?

Long Term Care In addition to serving individual clients, Alliance Pharmacy also serves the medication needs of healthcare facilities including adult foster care homes, assisted and independent living homes, hospice... Read More Blister Packaging

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