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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does RXP cost?

RestedXP is a massive collaboration between Tommysalami, Tactics, Zarant, Sevenleaves, Brandung Media (Design) & Kargoz (Marketing) Interactive & Modern In-Game Addon RXP is free to download and will include our 1-30 leveling guides to try out. Full class specific routes can be purchased in our store.

What is the Alliance Shield Project?

We started out as a Note 7 'Alliance' - when Samsung attempted to brick all of the Galaxy Note 7 devices. The Alliance was able to save thousands of people from bricked devices, allowing them to keep their phones with the use of the Alliance Shield application.

Why choose the Alliance?

Our services help increase safety, reduce delays and costs, and enhance the economic and environmental benefits that the trucking industry contributes to the nation. The Alliance will continue to serve its customers by identifying and developing advanced technologies that increase transportation system safety and efficiency.

What is PrePass Safety Alliance?

PrePass Safety Alliance is a non-profit public-private partnership of state agencies and trucking industry leaders devoted to safe, secure and efficient use of North America’s highway system.

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