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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Allied for a forgotten account number?

Other website users will need to contact Allied directly at 800-288-2078 for forgotten account numbers.

How can I contact other allied national departments?

To contact other Allied National departments visit Contact Us. Freedom Plan members have the support of Allied’s Elite Experience Team to help them navigate their Reference Based Pricing health plan – an exciting new concept in group health benefits that eliminates the need for a PPO.

Why choose allied National?

Allied National works with well-respected insurance carriers to provide innovative, customized benefit plans for employers and individuals who need group medical and ancillary benefits or individual short-term medical plans.

Does Allied offer level funding for group health plans?

Our group health plans include our level-funded plan and our limited benefit plan are unique solutions for all employers. Level funding is the most affordable way for an employer to fund their employee health plan over the long term. Find out about Allied's level funding option, Funding Advantage, for employers with two or more employees.

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