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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose amplus Academy?

Amplus Academy operates as a free public charter school that welcomes and honors all. Our intent is that our students acquire knowledge and skills to become esteemed, distinguished and productive citizens who preserve the pillars of a free and just society. Learn More News &Announcements

What is an investment Academy?

IM Academies are educational products that include digital and online interactive training content for analyzing, learning & discussing general and generic information related to investments and strategies.

How do I register as a student at IAI am Academy?

I AM Academy’s student registration is live. Please complete the application by clicking the link located under Programs. Helping to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline systems within educational institutions through mentorships with students and community partnerships.

Where is the im Mastery Academy located?

address: 348 West 57th Street #247, New York, NY 10019. phone:+1 518-801-1010. IM mastery academy™ Copyright © 2019 IMacademy Inc. ALL rights reserved Privacy Policy Terms of use Sales & Refunds Legal Policies & Procedures Income Disclosure

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