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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mission statement of AMA?

Mission Statement. The AMA chapter of Saint Joseph's University is devoted to helping it's members, student body, and community make great strides in teaching, communicating, and connecting with a plethora of marketing resources. These resources include alumni, faculty, career services, and experts in various business fields.

What does AMA stand for in medical terms?

Against medical advice (AMA), sometimes known as discharge against medical advice (DAMA), is a term used in health care institutions when a patient leaves a hospital against the advice of their doctor.

What does AMA mean in medical terminology?

The “AMA” stands for antimitochondrial antibodies, a group of substances that form against the cell’s mitochondria. The test is ordered when a physician suspects primary biliary cirrhosis, based on symptoms or other indicators of the disease such as elevated liver enzymes found during another routine blood test.

What is the full meaning of AMA?

AMA stands for "Ask Me Anything," which is basically just a trendy internet slang term or acronym used to describe the interview-like process that takes place between the host and the participants asking questions. What makes AMAs so interesting is the types of people who are willing to host them.

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