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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amdocs?

Amdocs is a multinational corporation headquartered in Chesterfield, Missouri, with support and development centers located worldwide.

Does Amdocs own Vubiquity?

In 2018, Amdocs acquired Vubiquity for $224 million. Following the acquisition, former Vubiquity CEO Darcy Antonellis became head of Amdocs Media Division. Also in 2018, Amdocs acquired Canadian company UXP Systems.

When did Amdocs buy clarify?

Amdocs entered the managed services space in 1999 with the acquisition of ITDS. Amdocs acquired software firm Clarify in 2001 for $200 million. In 2002, Dov Baharav replaced Avi Naor as Amdocs' President and CEO.

What is Amdocs doing with 5G?

In July 2020, Amdocs acquired Openet Telecom Inc., a provider of 5G charging, policy and cloud technologies. On 5 August 2020, Amdocs reported that Orange Liberia has collaborated with Amdocs to update its end-to-end digital enabling infrastructure.

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