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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Amdor ®?

The Best Components for Specialty Vehicles. AMDOR ® ’s vision is to manufacture the best specialty components for emergency vehicles possible. We do this by providing high-quality doors, lights, and lifting products that meet the needs of vehicle manufacturers and end-users. With a company-wide commitment to provide exceptional customer service...

Why amdamdor doors?

AMDOR was founded on the concept of manufacturing a better roll-up door, one that provides value-added features for vehicle manufacturers and end-users alike. That concept is backed by a company-wide commitment to providing the highest product quality and exceptional customer service.

Why choose Amador water agency?

Amador Water Agency is constantly working infrastructure improvements while maximizing cost savings. To enhance the quality of life in Amador County by providing safe, reliable water, waste-water, conservation and reclamation services. NEW! PAY BY PHONE

How do I contact Amdor?

CONTACT US. 3435 South Service Road. Burlington, ON L7N 3W6. AMDOR Inc. 4304 Walden Ave. Lancaster, NY 14086. Toll Free: 877-845-3816. Phone: 905-333-6745. SEND A MESSAGE.

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