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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amelia Draper pregnant on Storm Team 4?

Is Amelia Draper pregnant? Yes! Amelia Draper actually announced she was pregnant to Storm Team 4 viewers last week (23 June) live on air. Talking to fellow anchor Doreen Gentzler, Draper announced: “Doreen, you bring up a good point. I was going to wait until Doug (Kammerer) gets back, but I’m pregnant… Surprise!”

When is Amelia Draper's birthday?

Draper was born in Frederick County, United States of America, on 11 December. Every year on December 11th, she celebrates her birthday and carries the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Amelia is of American nationality and a mixed-race

Who is Matthew Draper's wife Amelia Dent?

Amelia is married to Matthew (Matt) Draper, her husband. On 7th May 2016, the couple exchanged their wedding oath. Amelia twitted during their wedding. “Excited to start a new chapter of my life, I married my best friend…”

Who is Amelio Draper?

Amelia Draper is a popular award-winning American weather forecaster and news anchor for News 4. She is one of the familiar faces in NBC’s weather channel who brings out the latest weather news and reports to all the states and counties. Draper joined the channel in 2013.

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