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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the normal range of ammonia in blood?

Normal Range of Ammonia Levels Adults: The normal range of ammonia level in adults is 8 to 35 mcmol/L (micromoles per liter) or 9.5 to 50 mcg/dL (micrograms per deciliter). Children: The normal range of ammonia level in children is 28 to 58 mcmol/L or 41 to 80 mcg/dL.

Does blood ammonia level affect the severity of encephalopathy?

The severity of encephalopathy was also shown to correlate well with blood and brain ammonia levels in animal models of HE.45, 46, 47However, some studies showed that the correlation between blood ammonia level and the severity of HE were inconsistent.

Will my ammonia level ever go back to normal?

If you had a temporary condition, then it is likely that the ammonia level will return to normal. If you have a chronic condition, then it is possible that the ammonia will increase again and your health status will likely need to be monitored. Talk to your healthcare provider about what is best for you.

What is an ammonia level test?

When adults experience mental changes, disorientation, sleepiness, or lapse into a coma and may have liver disease or kidney failure, an ammonia level may be ordered to help evaluate the cause of the change in consciousness.

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