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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a normal ammonia level for adults?

Adults: The normal range of ammonia level in adults is 8 to 35 mcmol/L (micromoles per liter) or 9.5 to 50 mcg/dL (micrograms per deciliter). Children: The normal range of ammonia level in children is 28 to 58 mcmol/L or 41 to 80 mcg/dL.

What is an elevated blood ammonia level?

An elevated blood ammonia level is an excessive accumulation of ammonia in the blood. An elevated blood ammonia level occurs when the kidneys or liver are not working properly, allowing waste to remain in the bloodstream. Ammonia, like many other waste products in the body, can be poisonous to your cells, and an elevated blood ammonia level can ...

What is ammonia level and why is it important?

Ammonia levels also help in predicting the prognosis (outcome) in a patient who has been diagnosed with acute liver failure. The level of ammonia is also checked in a person who is receiving high-calories intravenous nutrition. What does the Ammonia Level indicate? An ammonia test is done for measuring the amount of ammonia present in the blood.

What is another name for a blood ammonia test?

Other names: NH3 test, blood ammonia test, serum ammonia, ammonia; plasma What is it used for? An ammonia levels test may be used to diagnose and/or monitor conditions that cause high ammonia levels.

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