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Frequently Asked Questions

What ammonia level is safe?

Here are the safe levels for fish. Ammonia 0ppm but fish can handle .5-1 ppm for a short duration. Nitrite 0ppm but can handle 1.5 ppm or so for short periods. Nitrates 40 and under is alright but can handle 60-80 range for short periods.

What causes ammonia levels to be high?

Elevated levels of ammonia can be caused by cirrhosis, alcoholism or liver damage caused by hepatitis. High ammonia levels can have a negative impact on vital organs, especially the brain.

What does an elevated ammonia level mean?

In children and adults, an elevated ammonia level may indicate that severe liver or kidney damage has affected the body's ability to clear ammonia and that the brain may be affected. Frequently, an acute or chronic illness will act as a trigger, increasing ammonia levels to the point that an affected person has difficulty clearing the ammonia.

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