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Frequently Asked Questions

What medications can cause elevated ammonia levels?

Medicines are given to help lower ammonia level and improve brain function. Medicines given may include: Lactulose to prevent bacteria in the intestines from creating ammonia. It may cause diarrhea. Neomycin and rifaximin also reduce the amount of ammonia made in the intestines.

How do you treat an elevated ammonia level?

Treatment should be started if the plasma ammonium level is 3 times the reference level. All nitrogen intake should be stopped. High parenteral intake of calories from 10-15% glucose and intralipids should be provided. Intravenous infusion of sodium benzoate and phenylacetate should be started.

When to treat elevated ammonia?

Treatment of severe hyperammonemia (serum ammonia levels greater than 1000 μmol/L) should begin with hemodialysis if it is otherwise medically appropriate and tolerated.

How do you treat high blood ammonia levels?

In Quick Access Patient Information on Conditions, Herbs & Supplements, it is recommended that you use L-glutathione supplements to lower blood ammonia levels. You can take L-glutathione supplements at a dosage of 500 milligrams a day in capsule form to lower ammonia levels naturally.

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