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Frequently Asked Questions

What foods are low in ammonia?

Foods Low in Ammonia (per 100 g edible portion) Mozuku (salted, desalted) 3.4 mg. Jelly (wine) 5 mg. Marshmallow 6.3 mg. Rice, Paddy rice thin gruels (well-milled rice) 6.5 mg. Apple (raw) 6.8 mg. Kaki, Japanese persimmon (nonastringent, raw) 8.4 mg. Satsuma mandarin (fruit juices, straight fruit juice) 10 mg.

What medications increase ammonia levels?

Taking medications which increase the level of ammonia in the blood, such as sodium valproate, acetazolamide and some diuretics. Consuming a low-protein or a high-protein diet.

How do you treat an elevated ammonia level?

Treatment should be started if the plasma ammonium level is 3 times the reference level. All nitrogen intake should be stopped. High parenteral intake of calories from 10-15% glucose and intralipids should be provided. Intravenous infusion of sodium benzoate and phenylacetate should be started.

What ammonia level is safe?

Here are the safe levels for fish. Ammonia 0ppm but fish can handle .5-1 ppm for a short duration. Nitrite 0ppm but can handle 1.5 ppm or so for short periods. Nitrates 40 and under is alright but can handle 60-80 range for short periods.

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