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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good price for 9mm ammo?

The average price of 9mm is around $0.20 per round or $200 per 1000. New ammo varies from $180 to $230. Reman is $150 to $180. Steel is usually $160 to $180 new. Shipping varies from $20 to $45. As a general rule of thumb, new brass under $200 (total) is a good price and around $170-$180 is the best price.

Who makes the cleanest 9mm ammo?

For standard pressure, FMJ 9mm, the cleanest I have shot has been Sellier&Bellot FMJ, followed by Fiocchi. Perfecta seemed decently clean? Dirtiest I've seen is still a toss-up between Tula and WWB being about equally dirty. Same trend holds for standard pressure, FMJ 45 ACP.

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