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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various kinds of annotation?

Types of Data Annotations Bounding boxes. The most common kind of data annotation is bounding boxes. ... Semantic segmentation. This type of annotation finds its role in situations where environmental context is a crucial factor. 3D cuboids. ... Polygonal segmentation. ... Entity annotation. ...

What is a good annotation?

A good annotation gives the listener/reader a deeper sense of the meaning of the song, is multimedia (hyperlinks, connections to other texts, photos, videos, links to where we can learn more about the issue, author comments regarding the song, etc.), and ultimately provides a layer of depth and understanding not...

How do I add annotations?

Add an annotation. To add an annotation to your viz: In a worksheet, right-click (control-click on Mac) a data point or a spot on the viz where you want to add an annotation and select Annotate, and then select the type of annotation you want to add.

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