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Frequently Asked Questions

What is certcertificate store in AnyConnect?

Certificate Store —Controls which certificate store (s) AnyConnect uses for storing and reading certificates. The secure gateway must be configured accordingly and dictates to the client which one of the multiple certificate authentication combinations is acceptable for a particular VPN connection.

How do I enable certificate selection in AnyConnect?

To enable certificate selection, uncheck Disable Certificate Selection. Uncheck User Controllable, unless you want users to be able to turn automatic certificate selection on and off in the Advanced > VPN > Preferences pane. AnyConnect supports certificate retrieval from a Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) formatted file store.

How does anyanyconnect restrict the client certificate?

AnyConnect only restricts the client certificate based on security-related properties, such as key usage, key type and strength, and so on, based on configured certificate matching rules. This configuration is available only for Windows. By default, user certificate selection is disabled.

What is Cisco AnyConnect simple certificate enrollment protocol (SCEP)?

The Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client uses the Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) to provision and renew a certificate as part of client authentication. Certificate enrollment using SCEP is supported by AnyConnect IPsec and SSL VPN connections to the ASA in the following ways:

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