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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AnyConnect support per-app VPN?

AnyConnect for Kindle is equivalent in functionality to the AnyConnect for Android package. Per App VPN is supported in managed and unmanaged environments. In a managed environment using Samsung KNOX MDM, Samsung devices running Android 4.3 or later with Samsung Knox 2.0, are required.

What is a good VPN for Mac?

Private VPN is one of the safest Apple VPN options on the market, helping users surf the net safely and securely. One of its biggest draws is its low price point, despite the whole raft of features it offers. This Apple VPN is especially well priced over a 13 month period.

How does Cisco AnyConnect VPN work?

Remote and mobile users use the Cisco AnyConnect Secure VPN client to establish VPN sessions with the adaptive security appliance. The adaptive security appliance sends web traffic to the Web Security appliance along with information identifying the user by IP address and user name.

What port does Cisco AnyConnect VPN client use?

Cisco AnyConnect VPN connected through a firewall. However, AnyConnect will try to use the DTLS protocol first which uses UDP port 443, if it fails than the client will fall back to use SSL for the transport of user data. The reason that AnyConnect prefers DTLS is that DTLS has less delay because of the connectionless nature of UDP and thus performance is better then with a SSL tunnel.

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