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Frequently Asked Questions

What is anyhome and how do I use it?

Use AnyHome to replace your device's current home screen with any application. With AnyHome, you can promote any application to "default" screen, even if the application does not normally have this ability.

How do I install the anyhome camera on my Device?

Remove the back bracket from the wall Open the App Store (for iOS) or the Google Play Store ( for Android) on your mobile devices. Search for " Anyhome " or scan the following QR Code to download and install to your device. Android IOS 1. Launch the Anyhome app on your device and tap " + " to add a camera 2.

How do I download anyanyhome on my Mac?

AnyHome on the App Store Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. This is free video surverillance client for smart device with an advanced P2P protocol. Time scroll at the bottom of video screen does not work. Try scrolling to review but the screen just freezes, live feeds only.

Is the anyhome app as good as orbit?

Weak. This AnyHome app should provide the same level of functionality and control options as the Orbit Doorbell app (reference its manual). Both utilize the B30 doorbell but AnyHome has half the functionality - when it works that is. Wished I'd have discovered Orbit before buying this one.

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