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What is the meaning of AnyWho?

Anywho - definition of anywho by The Free Dictionary Define anywho. anywho synonyms, anywho pronunciation, anywho translation, English dictionary definition of anywho. also any·hoo adv. Slang 1. In spite of that; nevertheless; however. 2.

What is the meaning of oozing?

verb [ I + adv/prep, T ] uk ​ /uːz/ us ​ /uːz/. › to flow slowly out of something through a small opening, or to slowly produce a thick sticky liquid: Blood was still oozing out of the wound. She removed the bandage to reveal a red swollen wound oozing pus. The waiter brought her a massive pizza oozing (with) cheese.

Is the word'any'all-inclusive?

The Court held that "the word 'any' is to be considered all-inclusive," so the defendants were entitled to interest. McGrath at 197. Call your Lexus consultant today.

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