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Frequently Asked Questions

What does APN stand for Android?

Android gives users a whole lot of customization options, some of which are useful for everyone, while others are just for power users. One of these lower level settings is the Access Point Name-better known as the APN. The APN is something most users won't need to worry about.

How do I set the APN?

From your home screen, go to the APPs Screen. Go to Settings. Go to Mobile Networks. Go to Access Point Names (APN) If available, select your Carrier APN from the list of Carriers that may appear. If your carrier does not show up in the list, or if the list is empty, then you will have to manually add the APN.

What are examples of APN?

Examples of APN are: (Note: This example APN uses a domain name from the DNS which belongs to the operator) internet.t-mobile internet.mnc012.mcc345.gprs rcomnet.mnc015.mcc405.gprs internet (Note: This APN example does not contain an operator) NXTGENPHONE (Note: Does not contain an operator, however in practice it is AT&T Mobility 's LTE APN) More items...

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