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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a MP4 better than a MP3?

It seems that MP4 is better than MP3. But why the popularity of the MP3 format has not abated because of the wide usage of MP4 format? As a matter of fact, although being often used as the alternative to MP3 format on Apple devices, iTunes, MP4 is not a replacement of MP3 on players and in computer as an audio format.

How do you transfer songs from iTunes to MP3?

Transfer only the songs in a specific play list by selecting "Sync To Playlist" in the preference window. Create a play list by clicking the "+" icon at the bottom of the iTunes window. Drag any songs you wish to transfer to your MP3 player to this play list.

Can the iPhone play MP4?

The MP4 video format is compatible with the iPhone, meaning you should be able to play video files without needing any conversion or re-encoding. For many situations, the native Video application on the iPhone will be fine for watching an MP4 file, whether on your phone or your computer.

Is there a free video to MP3 converter?

Best YouTube Video to MP3 Converter App & Software iTubeGo By Click Downloader VidJuice 4K Video Downloader Snapdownloader YTD Video Downloader AllMyTube YouTube to MP3 Converter Vidmate Convert More items...

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