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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Lawrence create the map of Aqaba?

Lawrence knew that his travels towards Aqaba were of interest to cartographers and carefully created the map for his friend by carefully plotting the route on a single sheet of paper, signing it and writing the words ‘This is the only drawn copy so please do not lose it prematurely’.

What is the history of Aqaba?

Aela became a bishopric under Byzantine rule and later became a Latin Catholic titular see after Islamic conquest around AD 650, when it became known as Ayla; the name Aqaba is late medieval. The Great Arab Revolt 's Battle of Aqaba, depicted in the film Lawrence of Arabia, resulted in victory for Arab forces over the Ottoman defenders.

What is Lawrence of Arabia's map worth at Sotheby's?

It records a 'pivotal moment' in the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire that led to the capture of the Red Sea port town Aqaba in 1917. Lawrence of Arabia's map is expected to fetch up to £100,000 when it goes under the hammer at Sotheby's in London

What was the Battle of Lawrence of Arabia?

In Arabia, the Arab rebels have marched across the Nefud Desert to seize the important port of Aqaba. This is the famous battle of T. E. Lawrence, or 'Lawrence of Arabia', although the importance of his role as military advisor to the Arabs is debated.

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