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Frequently Asked Questions

Who were the Arabian Knights?

The Arabian Knights. Prince Turhan (voiced by Jay North) - The prince of Baghdad and rightful heir to the throne of the Sultan, Turhan is a young and handsome teenage boy. Apart from being brave and bold, he is an agile acrobat, an athlete, and a master swordsman.

What is the book Arabian Nights about?

"The Arabian Nights" is a magnificent collection of ancient tales told by the sultana Scheherazade, who relates them as entertainment for her jealous and murderous husband, hoping to keep him amused and herself alive.

What is the Arabian Nights about?

The Arabian Nights. In fact, she tells each of the Arabian Nights tales in order to survive a little longer at the mercy of her listener, the Sultan. The Arabian Nights stories are some of the world’s great treasures. They have existed for thousands of years, consisting of tales told in Persia, Arabia, India and Asia.

Who is the author of Arabian Nights?

In Arabian Nights (subtitled A caravan of Moroccan dreams) is a travel book by Anglo-Afghan author Tahir Shah illustrated by Laetitia Bermejo. which takes up where his previous book The Caliph's House leaves off, recounting, among much else, events at Dar Khalifa, the Caliph's House, in Casablanca where the Shah family have taken up residence.

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