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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Arab Network for NGOs?

The Arab Network for NGOs is a non-profit and non-governmental Arab developmental organization, which works under a permit by the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity No. 59, to perform the organizations' activities according to the law No. 84 for the year 2002.

How long is the railway network in Saudi Arabia?

The SRO operates a network of railways with a total length of approximately 1,380 kilometers. Two main lines connect King Abdul Aziz Port in Dammam with Riyadh, while the other connects the city of Dammam with Riyadh.

Why choose CNS Middle East?

CNS manages your entire IT Outsourcing venture − from concept planning right up to full implementation. CNS Middle East delivered on the main objectives of MOHAP project by building an IT foundation that is backed up by 24×7 service delivery and technical support to guarantee service continuity and customer satisfaction.

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