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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open Existing Quicken data file?

Instructions Choose File menu > Open Quicken File. Note: Quicken displays the folder containing the current data file (the Quicken folder by default). Select the file you want to open, or enter the name of the file in the File name field. Click OK.

Why is quicken not opening?

If Quicken opens, there may be an issue with the data file that is keeping it from allowing Quicken to open properly. Restoring a backup from before when the issue started occurring will typically resolve this. If Quicken still doesn't open, check to see if your Firewall or anti-virus is blocking Quicken from opening.

How do I open Quicken backup file?

Insert the CD/DVD or attach the flash drive you want to use for your backup. Open Quicken. Select the File > Backup or Restore > Backup Quicken File. Select Back up on my computer or hard drive (CD, hard drive, thumb drive), then if necessary click Change... to select where you would like to save your backup.

How do I find Quicken backup files?

You can create a folder within your Dropbox and place your Quicken Backup file in this location. Create a folder in your Dropbox folder (we recommend "Quicken Backup Files") Go to Quicken > Preferences... On the General preferences tab. Next to File backup check the Automatically backup data file when quitting Quicken checkbox.

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