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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Internet Archive's new service?

Long established as a leading web archiving and open knowledge platform with many collecting and access end-to-end services, the Internet Archive is releasing a new suite of low-cost digital preservation services built on top of its non-profit owned-and-operated data centers and existing archiving and web products for perpetual access to knowledge.

What is data archiving?

Data archiving involves managing table size growth and archiving old data. It moves data that is no longer needed every day from primary tables to a set of archive tables. The longer an instance runs, the more likely it is to accumulate data that is no longer relevant.

How do I archive historical data in ServiceNow?

Archive historical data with Data Archiving, which is enabled by default in ServiceNow. Archiving is a scheduled process that runs every hour and executes all archive rules one by one to remove them from immediate access and free system resources. (Note: Archiving is not a solution to reduce your database size.)

How do I archive and delete data?

Set up an archive rule that archives the data and removes it from immediate access to free up system resources. Set up a destroy rule to delete the data after a specified period. Configure the archive and destroy rule properties that control batch processing of the archive and destroy rules. Figure 1. Sample Benefits of Archiving Data

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