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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an archival data archive?

Archival data is stored so that at any time it can be brought back into service. A data archiving strategy optimizes how necessary resources perform in the active system, allowing users to quickly access data archive storage devices or data archiving plans for easy retrieval and more cost-effective information storage.

What is the difference between data backup and archiving?

The difference between data backup and archiving involves how you scan, characterize, and then retain data for use; how easy it is to access; how long the data is stored; and what your end goal for that data is. A backup is a copy of the organization’s active, current operational data.

Should you archive your SQL Server data?

If significant amounts of data are changed, be sure to perform SQL Server maintenance as a portion of the archive process. Evaluate your systems to determine candidates for data archiving. If you have some systems that are large in your opinion and have never been archived, consider the benefits of archiving the data.

What are the benefits of data archiving services?

Data archiving services help companies stay abreast of these trends for lower costs. Organizations set policies on the best way to archive data, including how to characterize the data to be moved. These data archiving requirements allow users to automate the identification and data archiving procedure.

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