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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does cloud storage save data?

Cloud storage allows you to save data and files in an off-site location that you access either through the public internet or a dedicated private network connection. Data that you transfer off-site for storage becomes the responsibility of a third-party cloud provider.

What is storage medium to backup files?

Magnetic disk remains the dominant media for backup storage appliances, active archives and long-term retention. A disk-based backup appliance includes interfaces to replicate data copies, such as clones and snapshots, to tertiary devices or a hybrid cloud.

What is Microsoft Azure archive Blob Storage?

Blob storage is designed for: Serving images or documents directly to a browser. Storing files for distributed access. Streaming video and audio. Writing to log files. Storing data for backup and restore, disaster recovery, and archiving. Storing data for analysis by an on-premises or Azure-hosted service.

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