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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you extract tar file?

Use the graphical user interface to add the TAR file to the program. Extract the files from within the directory and save them in a new folder on your computer. Follow the simple instructions of the built-in file extraction wizard to extract your files from the TAR file directory.

Where do I Find my Archive folder?

With classic menu style interface, on Menus tab, click File menu and it will bring up the File drop-down menu, from which you can easily see Archive... below Import & Export command. See it below: Click Archive, there appears Archive window, where you can selet the items to an archive folder, and you can also see the path of the archive file.

Does tar extraction overwrite existing files?

It causes tar to overwrite existing files and to follow existing symbolic links when extracting. Some people argue that GNU tar should not hesitate to overwrite files with other files when extracting. When extracting a tar archive, they expect to see a faithful copy of the state of the file system when the archive was created.

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