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Frequently Asked Questions

What does archived mean on Facebook?

Archive Meaning On Facebook (Facebook Archive) Archive option also appears on Facebook. You can Archive chat messages on Facebook. Also, there is an option (Facebook Archive) in Facebook to download all data. When you Archived chat messages, then it hides from the inbox and moves to Archived folder.

What is archive in email?

Basically, Archive is a collection of data or information. Archiving the emails and chat messages is a very useful option. So, you can Archive the emails in Gmail and Outlook, Archive the messages on Facebook and Whatsapp. What Does Archive Mean?

What is the archive feature in the Photos app?

The archive feature was initially released to help users declutter their Photos home screen. All the photos that you to take a backup of are visible here. Over time, that can clutter the stream making it difficult to find photos that are important to you.

How to check archive&unarchive items on your Android phone?

Check archive & unarchive items On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app. Sign in to your Google Account. At the bottom, tap Library Archive.

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