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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Free Music Archive Collection?

Welcome to the Free Music Archive collection on This collection serves as an archive for the Free Music Archive's curated 'library of high-quality, legal audio downloads'. More... A collection of classical tracks recorded by Kevin MacLeod under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

What is archive of contemporary music?

The ARChive of Contemporary Music (ARC) collects and preserves recorded popular music and music related materials from around the world. This includes all formats — vinyl LPs, seven + twelve-inch singles, ten-inch LPs + singles, CDs, 8-tracks, paper + plastic discs, picture discs and one-of-a kind or rare cassettes.

What is rec record archive?

Record Archive has been a music & entertainment destination in Rochester since 1975. Specializing in vintage vinyl our 13,000 sq ft store includes all of the latest music releases on CD & vinyl, as well as unique gifts & toys, vintage clothing & furniture, t-shirts, souvenirs, 1000’s of movies, audio equipment, and much more!

What happened to the digitized CDs in this collection?

The digitized CDs in this collection were donated to Internet Archive from Recycled Records. Recycled Records was a used record store on Haight Street San Francisco for 40 years until it closed in 2017.

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