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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I archive a team in Microsoft Teams?

Access the Microsoft Teams admin. In the column on the left, expand Teams. Select Manage Teams. Select the team you want to archive. Click the Archive button at the top of the teams’ list. Choose if you want to archive the Sharepoint site for the team as well and click Archive.

How does archarchiving a team work?

Archiving a team also archives private channels in the team and their associated site collections. However, you can still add or remove members and update roles and you can still view all the team activity in standard and private channels, files, and chats.

How to unarchive a team in Office 365?

How to Unarchive a Team in Office 365 1 In the admin center , select Teams . 2 Select a team by clicking the team name. 3 Select Unarchive . The team’s status will change to Active . See More....

Where is Microsoft Teams data stored?

Microsoft Teams data has many different locations. And while some locations make it easy to access and export data, others do not. Take Teams Chat History for example. This data lives in a folder of a Group mailbox. This, however, is not a typical mailbox and as such cannot be accessed in a typical way.

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