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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did MTV music videos come from?

Music videos came from MTV Jams, Prime Time, Dream Time, Best Of The 90s, Rock Of The 90's, Independence Day Countdown To Destruction BBQ, Beach House, Beach House Nights and Beach MTV, some with the 'Buzz Clip' mark or 'Exclusive'. Also from VH1 Countdown, Sunday Brunch, Weekend Special, Big Screen Big Hits, Video Collection and A to Z.

Where can I watch MTV broadcasts from 1981 to 1991?

Using Internet Archive, a nonprofit online library, the archivist uploaded a trove of individual MTV broadcasts from 1981 to 1991, which can now be streamed or downloaded. This collection includes MTV’s first-ever broadcast from Aug. 1, 1981 — a four-hour music video spree kicked off by the Buggles’ now-famous “ Video Killed the Radio Star .”

How did MTV change the music industry?

Before it became its current repository for bad reality TV, the cable/satellite network permanently changed the music industry and pop culture at large. And now, thanks to one internet archivist, you can relive MTV’s first decade.

Is MTV becoming more of a reality TV show than music?

In the decades since, MTV has made the transition from music videos to “TRL” to “The Hills” to “Catfish,” and it’s now more of a home for reality television than for music’s latest visuals.

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