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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the N64 have anti-aliasing?

The internal filters and anti-aliasing on a Nintendo 64 may be workaroundable, but they might not work perfectly. Fortunately, Retro community has worked on an anti-aliasing software that's referred to as GameShark. While the picture quality is improved a bit as a result of this, the hardware horizontal blur is the primary source of the problem.

How much does a N64 worth?

This article is a guide on how much you can expect to sell, or buy a Nintendo 64 console for in 2021. How Much is a Nintendo 64 Worth? Used N64 consoles, normally sell for around $100, but systems can range in price from $25 for an untested possibly faulty system up to $350 for a complete mint boxed system with bundled in games and accessories.

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