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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you archive items on Amazon?

On your “Orders” page, you’ll see the “Archive order” button next to each item that you purchased. Just click on that button and the item will disappear from your orders page and go to your “Archived orders” page. Be aware that Amazon limits you to 100 orders that can be archived at one time.

How do I Find my Amazon archived orders?

Archived items will always show up when you search for them. You can also access archived orders by visiting Your Account and selecting View Archived Orders. To restore an archived order to your default order history view, select Unarchive Order.

How to access archived orders on Amazon?

To access the archived orders: 1) Sign in to your Amazon account with your username and password. 2) Navigate to the ‘Your Orders’ page once after you click on the ‘Accounts and List‘ option on the screen’s top-right section. 3) Once you open ‘Your Orders,’ click ‘Archived Orders‘ in the Ordering and Shopping Preferences subsection at the bottom.

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