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Frequently Asked Questions

How to archive a book on Kindle Fire?

Part 1. 1. Connect your Kindle to the Internet. To archive books or retrieve archived books, you need to be able to access the Amazon Cloud. If you aren’t ... 2. Find the book you want to archive. Tap the Books tab from the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Use the touchscreen to scroll ...

How do I archive files on my Device?

How To Use 1 Tap Archive. 1. Swipe down from the top of your screen to open the Settings menu. On that menu, tap the Device Options link (red arrow):

How do I unarchive an archived order on Amazon?

On Your Account page, scroll down to the Ordering and shopping preferences section and click Archived Orders. If you have any Archived order, it will be displayed. To Unarchive the order, beside the order, click Unarchive Order. Open and log in with your Amazon account.

How do I delete or archive all items on my list?

Note that you will need to scroll down to see all listed content; be sure that you do, because anything with a checkmarked box will be archived once you tap that Archive button at the bottom. The “Clear All” button will clear all checkmarks, “Select All” selects all items.

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