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Frequently Asked Questions

What is archives of Nethys?

Archives of Nethys - ugh.... Archives of Nethys (AoN) has been an incredibly useful site for all these years, helping me to craft my world for my players.

What's wrong with Nethys?

Nethys is having some trouble with something on the server side of things. Unfortunately, it's beyond his control, but he is working on it. He's never let us down before. /u/karuikage can give more of a concrete answer, seeing as how he's, you know, Nethys and all.

What is a manipulative drow?

Manipulative drow delight in exploiting the weak character of humans. While they claim no kinship with fetchlings, the drow harbor a curiosity toward the shadow race, as both are adaptations of races exposed to extreme and dangerous conditions.

What is a drow family?

Noble houses define drow politics, with each house governed by a noble matriarch and composed of lesser families, business enterprises, and military companies. Each house is also associated with a demon lord patron.

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