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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a legendary Golem?

Crafted of base materials and then magically animated into a powerful guardian, the legendary golem is a living construct that mindlessly obeys its creator's commands— often continuing to do so for years or even centuries after its creator's death. There exist two known methods of animating a golem.

How does the Golem obey its creator?

The creator can give the golem a simple command to govern its actions in his absence, or can order the golem to obey the commands of another, but the golem's creator can always resume control by commanding the golem to obey him alone.

What are stone golems made of?

Stone golems are slow and steady constructs typically carved from marble or granite. They’re often made to serve as works of art when at rest, so some golem crafters employ master sculptors to ensure the constructs make beautiful statues.

What is a golem in The Incredibles?

This golem is a walking alchemical nightmare capable of inflicting all manner of painful wounds. Its ability to follow orders is granted by the otherwise mindless humanoid brain that floats in its dome-like head.

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