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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Starfinder side of the archives now up to date?

By the determination of Mark, our Starfinder custodian, and the fortunes of Triune, I am happy to report that the Starfinder side of the Archives is now up-to-date once more.

How do I open the Nethys menu?

For users on touch screens, click the Nethys mask in the top-left to open/close the menu. The new icons come from the fantastic open source font RPG-Awesome The "All Spells" telerik table has been temporarily changed with regards to the "Heightens" column.

What are the new books in Starfinder?

New Books 1 [Accessories] Starfinder Alien Character Deck 2 [Adventure Path] Starfinder 3 35: Merchants of the Void 4 [Adventure Path] Starfinder 5 36: Professional Courtesy 6 [Adventure Path] Starfinder 7 37: The White Glove Affair 8 [Adventure Path] Starfinder 9 38: Crash and Burn 10 [RPG] Alien Archive 4 More ...

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