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Frequently Asked Questions

What are hot house cucumbers?

Melissa’s Hot House Cucumbers are more uniformly shaped than regular cucumbers and have an appealing green color. Cucumbers can be divided into three categories: the field-grown slicing or table varieties, the much smaller, also field grown, pickling varieties and the greenhouse or hot house varieties grown under artificial light.

What kind of cucumbers can you grow in a greenhouse?

Choose from flavorful, vigorous, and disease-resistant cucumber varieties selected by our research team for their ability to thrive in the greenhouse or hoophouse. Our greenhouse cucumber seed offering includes unique and award-winning varieties, including cucumber varieties that thrive in hydroponic environments.

Are English cucumbers really organic?

English cucumbers - the long, skinny kind, tend to be unwaxed and wrapped in plastic - organic or not. here are two organizations who have growing databases of pesticides used on cucumbers and other conventionally raised fruits and vegetables:

What is the difference between wax and non-organic cucumbers?

WAX. In order to preserve moisture, conventional (non-organic) and organic cucumbers could be coated with a wax. The difference is that the organic cucumbers must be coated with non-synthetic wax, and they cannot contain any chemicals prohibited by the USDA under organic labeling laws.

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