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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we mean by Varnashrama?

The original varnashrama is the division of society into four varnas and four ashramas that cooperate to satisfy the Supreme Lord. One's varna is determined by one's character, qualities, training, and work. The focus is spiritual advancement and spiritual satisfaction for each member of society.

What are the four stages of Hindu life?

Four stages of life in Hinduism. An Ashrama in Hinduism is one of four age-based life stages discussed in ancient and medieval era Indian texts. The four ashramas are: Brahmacharya (student), Grihastha (householder), Vanaprastha (retired) and Sannyasa (renunciation).

What is ashram Dharma?

Ashram dharma is the term that describes the Hindu concept of duty as it relates to each of the four stages of life. Dharma includes conduct, duties, virtues and a way of living that is in accord with the moral law of the world.

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