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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose athenahealth?

Revenue boosting, workload reducing healthcare solutions from athenahealth Focus more time on patient care with solutions that maximize your productivity and get you paid faster with less work. See measurable financial and clinical results with the help of our suite of integrated solutions.

Why choose Heartplace North Hills?

We have a wonderful group of physicians ready to serve you. At HeartPlace North Hills, we offer a full range of cardiovascular diagnostic testing. This includes exercise stress testing, nuclear stress testing, diagnostic cardiac ultrasound, as well as stress testing with echocardiographic imaging, vascular imaging, and arrhythmia monitoring.

Why choose Heartplace Fort Worth for cardiology?

FORT WORTH CAN COUNT ON. NEW PATIENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME. HeartPlace has the best cardiologists in North Texas. We provide innovative cardiovascular treatments and cutting-edge medicine.

Why choose Heartplace Plano for Your Heart Care?

HeartPlace Plano has the best cardiologists and vascular specialists in Plano, TX. We service the surrounding areas also including Frisco, Mckinney, and Wylie. We provide innovative cardiovascular treatments and cutting-edge medicine. We take care of your heart so your mind can be at ease.

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