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Frequently Asked Questions

How to enable auto clicker on Windows 10?

First of all, download auto clicker software and try it for free. Click on button 'Add Robot' to add a auto clicker macro, which may contain one or multiple mouse clicks. Specify the point to click. when you are in Add Robot Window, move mouse to the target point and press a key on keyboard. That point will then be updated in Add Robot Window.

How to use auto clicker 3.0?

How do you use Auto Clicker 3.0? To start the op auto clicker, click on the f6 button on the clicker window or you can press f6 key on the keyboard also. For more information click here.

How to download auto clicker?

Downloading Auto Clicker is a piece of cake. You do not even need an emulator to download it on a PC. This software is readily available for Windows and does not require much of a hassle. Follow the steps below, and the auto clicker will be on your computer within no time. Go to the download page and click on the Download button

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