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Frequently Asked Questions

How to backup iPhone in recovery mode?

Many users are wondering whether it is possible to backup the iPhone in recovery mode. The short answer is “No”; you cannot back up an iOS device while in recovery mode, iTunes and iCloud can’t do this, even any third-party software can make it. To make it, you should first exit recovery mode before being able to back up your data and settings.

How do I restore a database from a backup?

Under the Source section, select the Device option and then click the button next to it. In the dialog box that opens, press Add. Locate and select the backup file (.bak) you want to restore, then press OK. Click OK again. In the Restore Database screen, enter name of the database you want to restore and click OK.

How to resolve SQL Server database in recovery mode issue?

Following are some simple troubleshooting tips to resolve the SQL Server database in recovery mode issue: Note: Running ‘RESTORE with Recovery’ will make the database go through the same recovery steps again. Avoid this option if you have a large database. Execute the following query to bring your database back online:

How to enter recovery mode in Windows 10?

How to Enter Windows 10 Recovery Mode? 1 1. Enter Windows 10 recovery mode from Windows. There are two approaches to access recovery mode inside Windows 10. Approach 1. Click Start button > ... 2 2. Enter Windows 10 Recovery mode from boot. 3 3. Possible errors of Windows recovery options.

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