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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Baqaa in Islam?

Baqaa (Arabic: بقاء‎ baqāʾ ), with literal meaning of subsistence or permanency, is a term in Sufi philosophy which describes a particular state of life with God, through God, in God, and for God. It is the summit of the mystical manazil, that is, the destination or the abode.

What is the difference between shaṭṭārīyah and baqāʾ?

…the more sublime state of baqāʾ (subsistence) and finally become ready for the direct vision of God. … (“dissolution”) of self and the baqāʾ (“subsistence”) of God. The Shaṭṭārīyah, on the contrary, stress the self, personal deeds, personal attributes that make a person godlike, and personal union with God.

What are fanāʾ and baqāʼ?

Some Sufis categorize fanāʾ and baqāʾ as “states” ( aḥwāl) of the human being, while others call them “stations” ( maqāmāt ), “waystations” ( manāzil ), “fields” ( maydān ), and so on, all of which are hierarchically ordered to indicate progressive stages of the spiritual journey.

What is babaqa'a camp?

Baqa'a camp was one of six ‘emergency’ camps set up in 1968 to accommodate Palestine refugees and displaced people who were displaced from the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip by the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. The camp, which is the largest in Jordan, lies about 20 kilometres north of Amman.

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