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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Baqaa in Islam?

Baqaa (Arabic: بقاء‎ baqāʾ ), with literal meaning of subsistence or permanency, is a term in Sufi philosophy which describes a particular state of life with God, through God, in God, and for God. It is the summit of the mystical manazil, that is, the destination or the abode.

What does Sufism mean in Islam?

Sufism, which is a branch of Islam, teaches the personal and mystical worship, and union with Allah or God. It was formulated in opposition to the formal, legalistic Islamic theology of the ninth century AD. The term “Sufism” is derived from Arabic suf, and means “wool,” which refers to the plain wool worn by the early Sufis (“wool-clad”).

What are fanāʾ and baqāʼ?

Some Sufis categorize fanāʾ and baqāʾ as “states” ( aḥwāl) of the human being, while others call them “stations” ( maqāmāt ), “waystations” ( manāzil ), “fields” ( maydān ), and so on, all of which are hierarchically ordered to indicate progressive stages of the spiritual journey.

What is Baqa of Baqa Billah?

When the seeker reaches the great “"Nothingness” it is a state of ecstasy. That state needs to be annihilated in order to reach the next level. At Baqa Billah, the seeker reaches complete annihilation, yet is facing eternity. This is Baqa of Baqa

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